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paper under control

A project that received a grant from spark maker. Designing contemporary visual art combined with traditional press printing technique

Burning Bär 2017

Burning Bär festival took place in late February 2017. 
I had the honor to be the art lead of the festival, design the effigy, bring two art pieces and participate in the making of a third on. Here is the story

prototyp II

a light installation that was created especially for the Greenhause NYE party 2016. Fabric tubes and light animation.

Click the image to watch a video clip

Maker Faire Berlin 2016
I was asked to exhibit my works as part of the Fablab Berlin booth. For this event I created the mood cube and the time portal.

Nowhere 2016 art project

It started as a small art project for Nowhere festival in Spain. But in fablab, where cooperation take place, I joined Nico Huchet from France, Nico was developing a bionic arm for himself. Together, we made him an Inspector gadget with the dragonfly propeller, 3D printed goggles and a hat  - all which I designed. 

Click this link to see the video about the project


A circular fabric light installation - upcycled from from what was the Prototyp II (see above) It was designed for Burning Bär festival and later was installed permanently at the Modulart gallery

fluid self

I had the privilege to be a part of Fugara - a group of artists. In 2015 we made this art installation for Midburn  - a regional burring man festival. This installation gave the spectators to get inside and experience what the neurons in the brain

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