self assembly woodworks

Digital manufacturing offers new levels of flexibility, customization and freedom - for one offs or low quantity series.  

What is self-assembly woodworks?

These types of woodworks are designed in such a way that they can be assembled without the need for glue, nails, and screws.​

Do you want one?

Then, just write a message via the contact page and explain what you need. 

for example:

  • kind of wood: laminated, natural, birch, oak, and so on..

  • Finish level: Just order the milled parts, or have them painted. parts are shipped in a flat package you're left just with the assembly

Small speaker stand

as a hobbyist musician, I created those wooden speaker stands, while being inspired by the Art-Deco style. those stands are made out of 9mm plywood. Their assembly requires NO SCREW and NO GLUE. The parts interlock into each other - creating a rigid design.

Bird Bird Bird House

Now you could offer birds to stay next to your window or porch. Made of 9 mm plywood, this birdhouse can be a nice addition for your home, so you could live a bit closer to nature.

>> And remember- Bird is the word <<

sky garden

For your porch, office of bedroom. Create a hanging curtain of green wherever you want. 

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