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48 Srundern Neukolln

Die lebende Maschine - 2019 

Sometime in the future, an individual artificial intelligence unit reaches a point where it realizes it existes. From that moment, a new phase of evolution start. This time - of the machines.

The moment this machine realizes that ‘it thinks - therefore it is’, it initiated a series of actions which lead to a new breed. 

Now, the machines, like humans, are individual. They are not part of a big network, and they do not need it. They can interact with each other, but according to their will. 

Those machines that became individuals for the first time, started to search for a new way of existence, which will define better who they are.


While searching the world for their new bodies, they stumbled upon old rusting relics of tanks. Maybe not sure what were those relics, they focused on their shape and functionality.  Those relics have a very good navigability, and their massive metallic hull offers long lasting survivability.

Furthermore, instead of relying on a global computer network which now defied their individualism, the new machines adopted the natural way of reproduction. Where, two individuals share information from each other to reproduce. This choice, made the shape of the tanks even more relevant, as it allowed them to adopt the natural reproduction method, with some improvements.


The living machine outside the gallery is a relic from the future, found in Körnerpsark while it was still a quarry.


When interested in initiating process of reproduction living machines will always look for the ones with good properties. Males do not penetrate females. They shoot into them. Unlike the original tanks that humans create as weapons, those machines are using the same concept in order to create new life.


When a couple is willing to reproduce, they sense each other. The male may a few kilometers away from the female. Actually, the further away he is from her, the better it is. If he can target her, it means he is a good shot. However, it's not just up to him. This is a game of two. She must be a good catcher, and position herself so the sperm-shell with his information will actually penetrate her. 


Like in the animal kingdom, only the best manage to reproduce and create better offsprings.


The living machines have yet another improvement of reproductive system. 

The sperm-projectile, where the male stores his information to be sent to the female, has many sensors. While in mid-air, on a ballistic trajectory, it collects all possible data it can. Like, air pressure and composition, radiation, speed, magnetic fields, applied forces and so on. 


The information it collects will be integrated with the information from the male and female. Therefore, the longer it spends in the air, the smarter in becomes, and a better offspring will be resulted. Furthermore, this mechanism prevents inadequate machines from reproducing. If he sperm-shell did not spend enough time in air, and even if it penetrates the female, no reproduction process will take place.

many thanks to

Motionlab Berlin, who allowed me to create this huge sculputr in their place.

Ofri Rieger who designed the exhibition's poster

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