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Open Air Planetarium - a Wikipedia of the skies

suggested art installation for Burning Man 2017

When I’m stressed, i don't need more than a few seconds of looking at the night sky. This wonderful vision of the stars puts everything in proportion. It allows me understand that i'm a part of this huge wonderful universe and that my troubles are so small and I can deal with everything in life. If only one person on the playa who is experiencing rough times in their life, will find a new meaning and learn that they are stronger that they think they are, my open air planetarium has done its duty.

The Open Air Planetarium will be a place where spectators could sit back and get familiarized with the heavenly bodies and the relations between our planet the its surrounding. Located in the deep dark playa, it will be a quite place of contemplation and learning.
During the day it will also be a place for realizing our relationship with the space surrounding us, even if we can't see it.

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