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48 Srundern Neukolln

The Authenticity of Replication 2018

This year, the theme of 48 Stunden Neukölln was Authenticity. 

I find this issue interesting because it has to do with everything. Not just art, but even with our own DNA. Our body replicates itself be creating clones that are supposed to be as authentic as the original cells. But can you consider a 40 years old person as authentic as a newborn baby? And what about the very moment of the baby being conceived? 

And art? If a master make some sketches and their assistants are doing the rest of the work, is it still authentic work of the master?

How about photography? Is a photo of a sculpture in a museum can be considered as new authentic art pieces?

I decided to deal with this issue by creating a repetitive copying process of a miniature sculpture of Winged Victory of Samothrace. Each instance is based on a 3D scanning of the previous one.

many thanks to

3DK.BERLIN which provided materials and 3D printing equipment.

Ofri Rieger who designed the exhibition's poster

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