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What We Do

Open source coffee capsules hacking


People hack everything. From computers to cars, from Ikea furniture to TV boxes.

There is almost no limit to what you can hack. Hacking is basically alternating an object or its features. 

In this case - Caffeein - a Tchibo coffee capsules hacking. As a Tchibo coffee machine owner, I wanted to drink coffee blends I prepare myself. I also feel bad whenever I throw away a coffee capsule. Even though its being recycled. So I invented the Caffein.

It is a kit designed to allow refilling of capsules that were emptied and washed. It consists of a base, in which the capsule is being placed, a funnel, which allows to pour the ground coffee into the capsule without spilling it over, a ring with a handle that uses another capsule as a measurement spoon, and a compactor.

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