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What We Do


lit - the story


A photo of a thin Swiss cheese slice. This is how it all began. 

In this photo a light went through the cheese and therefore enhancing it characteristic color. This led to the design of the first lamp in the series named SWEEZ. I guess you can all guess where this name comes from. The lamp is designed in such a way that the light travel within and is being defused in selected locations. Using specific materials and techniques, led to the results you see here.

cheese yellow table lamp light fixture


Frozen in time

A Popsicle that might have been dropped off a hand of a child. 3 colors, 3 flavors

cheese yellow table lamp light fixture


limited availability for Halloween!


Hand it or place it on a table

Its the last lantern you will ever buy for Halloween

*for in-house use only

cheese yellow table lamp light fixture


the power of color


Did you ever thing about how color makes us feel? How come green and blue help us relax while red and yellow cause us to be energetic and even creative?
Colors have a great sub-conches impact on us. Adding the right color to a specific room can induce the right atmosphere there. Weather if it’s creativity we are looking for, relaxation or even weight lost. Yes. we can help reducing our appetite with color.
“lit” lamps come in many colors and images. They are small and fun. Great as a present or an add-on to the children’s room or the office. You make the choice.

Peperoni and champignons pizza slice table lamp


Safety first!


LIT lamps use power efficient LED light source. LEDs consume a very amall amount of power. The create almost no heat.


Moreover, LEDs use low DC current which are much safer than high AC current. LIT lamps use only finest parts with EC standrard.


Currently we supply our lamps with Type C power adapters that can run on 110-220 Volt

avocado green table lamp LED


Hand made in Berlin


LIT lamps are made by hand and inspected thoroughly.

Somewhere in Berlin, in our underground creativity center we are do our best to bring you high quality lamps which are also original and unique.

water mellon table lamp


water mellon table lamp


Word games


For us its sometimes more than light, colors and shapes. It’s about incorporating games of words. For example this slice of blue cheese 

water mellon table lamp


Newest addition

SBARRY - the led and green strawberry lamp, coming ib two different sizes is the newest lamp in the series.

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