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Maker faire Berlin 2016

Time portal

Inspired by images from Scifi movies I created the 'time posrtal' with Felix Klee who took upon himself the part for programming of the piece. 

The time portal is an interactive lamp that runs an animation of light using addressable LED's and and an Arduino controller. It uses laser pointers and photo sensors to detect the direction and speed of an object (or a hand) if put inside the ring. 

The design is inspired by Cyber punk style and combines ultra modernistic looking plexiglas and copper wiring that gives the feeling of an old maching

the mood cube

The mood cube is an interactive cube that emits light in different colors according to which face its placed on. It based on a completely different approach. 

Unlike the time portal that is packed the computing power, the mood cube is completely analog. 

It uses a 3D array of mercury switches that detect its position and control RGB LEDs.

The mood cube has no switch. 5 faces cause it to emit different colors and one face causes it to turn off.

It uses a 18650 rechargeable battery. 


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