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Exploring the gray area
between industry and art

Eitan Rieger, an industrial designer, located in Berlin, with an experience of almost 10 years within the profession. 


Previously a software parctial engineer, graduated later from the Shenkar college of engineering and design in 2006.


Since then, within the academy`s implemenatation firm, had the chaance to work with many factories - generatin innovation within their fields of operation such as styroform and injection molding, textile or cimpound materials for the transportation industry.

later, working as an assistant of the Los Angeles located artist Miri Chais, gathered experience with precision work with plexi glass, laster cutting, LED light and interaction based on Arduino.

Furthermore, worked for the light designer Ilan Malka, interior designer Alisa Sheinson, experiencing with metal works such as TIG and MIG welding, braze welding, 3D Modeling, Rendering and Printing.


Eitan Rieger
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