Hau den Lukas - Scifi festival 16-17 October - Munich

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Coming up - Münchner Science & Fiction Festival
September 2021

This october on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of October, as a part of the Lange Nacht der Museen - Munich.

This time I am going to create an interactive video projection which is a part of the Oktoberfest tradition. Can you guess?

HÜRO Mobility at IAA show Munich
July 2021

This year I will take part at the Citizen Lab / IAA Munich, presenting a new concept Im working on - a semi autonomous vehicle whcih combines the advantages of a cargo-bike and autonomous driving. 7-12 September

Unknowing now - Group exbition
July 2021

Opening on the 17th of July, Until the 25th of July.

Participants: Duane Corpis, Dragoș, Hanciu, Timo Herbst, LEE Dong-Hwan
Eitan Rieger, Kinga Tóth

Berlin Design Week 2021
June 2021

As a member of Motionlab Berlin, I take part (although remotely) in the Berlin Design Week this year. Some of my works are exhibited there among other talented artists and designer 

Art residency - Munich
May 20201

I have the honor to be invited to take part in the Artist in Residence Munich from May to August. This program offers great opportunities for inspiration, creativity and collaboration 

The Trouble Maker - a new video blog
Jan 2021

A new video blog I started where I discuss mostly philosophical aspects of technology, the future, products, design, and more. Sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date 

VICE VERSA - a new artwork
March 12, 2021

Between mechanics and electronics. Between tangible and virtual. Vice Versa, is a mechanical clock that shows the time with LEDs. Unlike the contemporary approach where electronics control mechanics, here its done vice versa 

An interview with Dr. Silko Barth

November 11, 2020

​It was my honor to be interviewed by Dr. Silko Barth as a part of his podcasts series on Spotify.

We had an interesting discussion about art, design, technology, and what lies between them.

autonomous vehice prototyping

October 23, 2020

While attending a program named Imagine2030 by Sharkbite innovation GmbH, I'm designing and building an autonomous delivery vehicle, including required electronics and software development.

For a similar project go to the contact page on the website

Open source is here!

January 04, 2020

Soon you could download, adjust, make is build your own furniture and many other objects. Downloading the files will be absolutely for free. 

Alternatively, you could ask for manufacturing quote. From just cutting the wood to painting and finishing.

Sicence and Fiction Festival - Munich

October 15, 2019

A large interactive electro mechanical version of the old Newton Cradle. A commissioned work made especially for the festival.

See you at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, 19-21 October 2019

Visit us at Berlin Design Week 2019

September 09, 2019

Lit lamps will be displayed and sold at Bikini mall, Berlin

See you there, with new lamps as well!

10-12 October 2019

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