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True Colors - Gdanks light festival. Cooperation with Eva von Schirach

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Gdanks Light Festival 2024
Jube 2024

True Colors - People of various backgrounds and ethnicities - creating music with their hands. Gdansk, Poland

Burner Creations - Group Exhibition
May 2024

A group exhibition of the local artists of the Berlin Burners community, at Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany




illuminating LED pastry bread croissant breakfast french food german food backery
Ready for breakfast?
Jan 2024

illuminating pastries on the way to your table




Open Source Makercase cases workshop @ Xhain
July 2023

I had the honor to deliver a laser engraving workshop where we learned how to use Makercase platform de design and manufacture custom cases.

Eitan Rieger Design - Creative Technoligist - Designagentur - mit Schwerpunkt auf Konzept und intera
Illuminate Your Space!
July 2023

Discover the captivating fusion of light and drawings on light-emitting panels, elevating traditional art to a new dimension.

Video Projection Mappingin Esteponain
Charactower 2023 - Finalist
March 2023

Its my honour to be one of the finalists at the International Video-mapping Contest Estepona CREA 2023. See you at Estepona, March 25th 

LiteHaus Gallery in Neuölln, Berlin
Upcoming exhibition - Black & White
January 2023

This January, I will tale part in a group exhibition at the Lite Haus Gallery.
Opening - Thursday, January 19th
Location: Mareschstr 4, Berlin

Secrets of the Forest - Group Exhibition, Berlin gerany
Upcoming exhibition - Secrets of the Forest
December 2022

This December I'm taking part in a group exhibition named- Secrets of the Forest. Exploring the theme of relationship between mankind, nature and technology. Vernissage  - Wednesday 7th December at 19:00
Location: Brüsselerstr. 37, 13353 Berlin

Video Projecton Mapping on a Papar Plant and Pot
3D Mapped visual arts as a service
November 2022

For events, product launches, advertisements, commerce halls, lobbies, etc.
Check out how Video Projection can upgrade your values, products, and events

1minute video projection competition tokyo 2022.jpg
Ashes to Bits, Dust to Bytes / Tokyo 2022
October 2022

My latest vide workout as was projected on the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery.

preparing for an in teractive video proejction computer game on the new facade of the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany
Coming this October 2022 - Lange Nacht der Nuseen
Deutsches Museum - Munich
A new greater than life interactive video installation
June 2022

More details coming soon. Staytuned!

Wo ist morgen - Innovation zwischen Kunst und Technik, Vergangenheit und Zukunft ist Morgen? 15. Aug - Rotary Berlin
June 2022

This August I will give a presentation about the story of art - tech, what is between them, and how could it affect the future. The story will be presented along with a presentation of my works.

Das Museum der virtuellen Kuppeln
May 2022

Experience historic frescos and other famous church artwork at full scale as part of an immersive situationist artwork - Das Museum der virtuellen Kuppeln. 7th May. St Korbinian - Munich

Wheels vs. legs A new blog post
Febriary 2022

Why is no animal running on wheels, and why cars don't have legs? What are the main differences between those two concepts (wheels and legs), and how is it connected to NASA's funny-looking robot? 

co pilot-960x540.jpg
Bye Bye to the CoPilot? A new blog post
Febriary 2022

Since the dawn of aviation and until today, flying crews of large commercial airliners became smaller and smaller. Soon co-pilots may find themselves redundant. Read more here.

for wix.jpg
Video mapping - turn anything into magic
January 2022

Video Mapping is a technique that takes flat video to the realm for 3D!
You can add magic to any object. From a tiny box to a huge building
click for More info

Coming up - Münchner Science & Fiction Festival
September 2021

This october on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of October, as a part of the Lange Nacht der Museen - Munich.
This time I am going to create an interactive video projection which is a part of the Oktoberfest tradition. Can you guess?

Citizens-Lab_Abbinder-1000x444px W.jpg
HÜRO Mobility at IAA show Munich
July 2021

This year I will take part at the Citizen Lab / IAA Munich, presenting a new concept Im working on - a semi autonomous vehicle whcih combines the advantages of a cargo-bike and autonomous driving. 7-12 September

Unknowing now - Group exbition
July 2021

Opening on the 17th of July, Until the 25th of July.
Participants: Duane Corpis, Dragoș, Hanciu, Timo Herbst, LEE Dong-Hwan
Eitan Rieger, Kinga Tóth

Berlin Design Week 2021
June 2021

As a member of Motionlab Berlin, I take part (although remotely) in the Berlin Design Week this year. Some of my works are exhibited there among other talented artists and designer

Art residency - Munich
May 20201

I have the honor to be invited to take part in the Artist in Residence Munich from May to August. This program offers great opportunities for inspiration, creativity and collaboration

3d logo.jpg
The Trouble Maker - a new video blog
Jan 2021

A new video blog I started where I discuss mostly philosophical aspects of technology, the future, products, design, and more. Sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date

clock for wix.jpg
VICE VERSA - a new artwork
March 12, 2021

Between mechanics and electronics. Between tangible and virtual. Vice Versa, is a mechanical clock that shows the time with LEDs. Unlike the contemporary approach where electronics control mechanics, here its done vice versa


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