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Get your tools out of the shop

Did you ever take a look at your tools? Of course you did. But did you ever look at them not as tools with purpose, but at their shape? their colors? how they fit in their environment?

Have you ever tried imagining how a drill for example will look on the kitchen counter top?

In many cases we see things for the way they are. And hey, that's not too bad, because at the end of the day we must drill holes, cook that meal or write a letter without over-thinking about it.

So, next time you see your bed, with its soft and comfortable sheets, pillow and blanket, try to imagine it in your garden. How would your “bed garden” look like?

It's been long since artists and designers are looking at things while stripping them from their context. For example, the Fountain by Marchel Duchamp.

The idea of eLMNOP lamps came up with that question in my head. A hammer. This old basic tool used by humans before the invention of writing. How would this hammer look like if it was used differently. How would it fit in a living room stripped off of its context.

The hammer is heavy for a reason. Its supposed to accumulate kinetic energy and deliver it in a split second to a nail or a hard object that has to be shattered.

But this weight can be also used for balancing a large object. eLMNOP lamps are basically a hammer turned upside down. Its weight gives the lamp stability and its shape which also its original function, now allows the lamp to sway to the side or stand upright.

Next time you hold a fork in your hand, sitting on a sofa or using a screw driver, try to imagine how those well known common tools could look like somewhere else. Serving a complete new purpose.

Who knows. It may change your entire view of life.

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