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Cruising space - A new Video blog post

How would a space cruise-ship look like? Welcome to my first video blog. In the following series of videos, I will be talking about topics that have to do with design. Where technology meets philosophy and where industry meets art. In this video, I'm exploring space tourism. I believe that space tourism will be a big market in the future. The same way aviation is today. So, how would a space cruise-ship look like? What special features will it include to allow its guests to enjoy travelling in space? Space offers endless and unique landscapes. (although the word landscape is not the right one). The lack of gravity provides a sensational feeling that it is impossible on earth to experience. This will probably alter the ship's interior design drastically; its bedrooms, lounge, hallways... and the bar! Dive in with me to a short 10 minutes journey in an imaginary space cruise-ship while exploring some of the possibilities and opportunities for innovation in its design.

See the video here:


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