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The living machine

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How would machines be if they discovered self awareness?

Building human like robots with AI, artificial Intelligence, is a new way to explore if we can make life

simpler for us. Or if these machines have the possibility to adopt to us and our environment. But what would happen if the machines developed a consciousness and became self aware?

That’s what we’re going to explore today’s topic.

What is consciousness?

First of all, what is consciousness?

Consciousness is the ability to be self aware of your existence, who you are, your environment as well as others existence. When developing machines with AI, there’s a chance that one day depending on our technology will develop self awareness. So it's natural that one may wonder what would happen, what different scenarios could there be and how would they act.

Types of awareness

There are different types of self awareness, one is external awareness and exists in different technology such as Apple’s Siri. Siri is self aware in a way where it can answer regular questions and for the most part have a conversations that is almost like one between two humans. This means that siri knows the answer of basic question one might ask.

The there is internal awareness, which is the ability to self reflect and know what’s going on inside itself. This is actually an ability that many machines posses, they can’t feel feelings or desire but they know what is going on inside of them. The way that they internally self aware lets them react to physical events, for example a keyboard knows when you touch it and begin processing the data to type.

cnc milling machine

A CNC machine with 5 axis may look like it has a mind of its own, but in most cases it just follows a series of instructions and has no idea what its doing

Different machines who demonstrated consciousness

One engineer managed to develop a robot arm which could repair itself without needing the instructions to do so. It’s a new and cool artificial intelligence and a good sign that machines are becoming more and more aware.

Then we have Sophia, the living robot which can discuss different topics with you and keep the conversation going. Which is also a good sign of artificial intelligence developing.

If machines became more human like

The possibility of machines being able to walk, talk and act like humans in the near future is highly likely. Many different engineers and scientists are working on developing human like artificial intelligence already today. And are getting closer towards the goal of robots being able to act like humans. Maybe one day even creating a difference between male and female robots and giving them a form of reproduction system.

This would be life changing and revolutionary for us humans.

And if it were to happen, what would we do? How would we fit into society when better and smarter robots easily can take our spots.

This quite a scary thought for many, since we don’t know what our part in society would be anymore.

And if robots could develop a reproduction system we would basically have no need to exist. Robots are already taking over many different jobs that used to be for humans and if they could act exactly like humans. We would not be that needed and either extinct or just living however we would like under robots instead of above them.

This mid June, I will be taking part in the '48 Stunden Neukölln' art festival


During the weekend I will be exhibiting a sculpture of a mechanical creature which contemplates on what would be the next evolutionary step for AI machines which will achieve self awareness.

According to the suggested idea, self aware machine will disconnect itself from a global network and will reproduce itself by sharing information between two instances directly - without the use of network.

The sculpture will be exhibited at Körner Park, Berlin

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