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This time, no specific theme.

This time I decided to share with you all sorts of interesting, cool and beautiful things from around the net

Endless motion

Christopher Jobson is a kinetic sculptures artists. His works create a hypnotizing motions that are hard to get your eyes of.

Point of view

They say, what you can see from there, you may not see from here. An this is exactly what this Michael Murphy’s work is all about. This work is static, but it you move around it, a whole new world is revealed.

The art of copper plate printing

This old color British short film shows how copper printing is done. This technique which is somewhere between art and crafts is a pleasure to see on its own.

The differential

Yet another even older film from 1937 explains in a beautiful way how a differential works. A differential is an essential part in every car. It’s task is to distribute power to the wheels. This short clip is recommended to all you “techies”.

Shou-sugi-ban Yakisugi

This old Japanese wood preservation technique uses no chemicals. Besides, it also amplifies the food beautiful textures and colors. A short clip worth watching.

wow watches

And going back to the techies… This clip shows all sorts of watches with some pretty complex and interesting mechanisms.

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