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Inclusive approach to things

A few years ago a new company tried to reinvent the cell phone. Their idea was simple. Build a very small phone which will be the basis for something wider. Around this basis, the company designed many jackets as they call it. Those jackets were actually add-ons that were supposed to be installed on this basic phone and allow it to perform different tasks. For example, a game console jacket, a navigation jacket, a music or video player jacket and so so on.

Morotorla's project Ara - based on modu's patents acquired by Google

All this happened just when the first smartphones started to to appear. They were still not very popular and Nokia reigned supreme. Probably not many of you can guess what was this company and none of you haven't actually seen any of their device, and for a reason. This idea was never available to the public.

As I mentioned before, it was just when the smartphones started to appear in the market. Smartphones suggested a complete different approach. An inclusive approach. Much like what the internet is all about. What is this inclusive approach? It is a basic idea that a product or service is trying to provide a wide variety of solutions other than focusing on one.

The internet is a flexible inclusive platform

The internet service is an inclusive service. For example, in the past we had wireless and cable television broadcasts, radio broadcasts, telephone services and so on.. The internet is a platform. Meaning it provides a basic service which different providers can adapt according to their needs. Today, when one has internet connection, they can watch television, listen to radio, make phone calls and send and receive letters. That was just a basic services list. Beyond this one, people can now collaborate and coordinate their work, navigate easily, share computing power among users and more. Actually, almost every day someone invents a new service that relies on internet service.

The smartphone works on the same idea. Combined with wireless constant internet connection, it is a platform that offers an ever growing types of services.

The smartphone is also a typical concept of inclusive design

A typical smartphone consists of a touch screen which provides the interaction ability with the user, a data modem (the word modem is actually not the right one as it refers to an obsolete device), a music player, GPS, compass, motion sensors, at least one camera and sometimes more. This list of features placed in one device makes it a platform which is not limited to one task. It can be a game machine, a navigation aid, a communication device and so on. But this most beautiful thing which makes it so successful is the ability for inventing new services that relies on new interactions among the devices.

For example, the camera can be used for taking measurements of its surroundings. Controlling devices all over the world using the touch screen and the internet connection. Wine and restaurant recommendations, smart traffic avoiding by by tracking many devices at once, flashlights that sometimes doctors use to check a patient’s throat, heart rate monitor and furthermore.

Imagine what can be achieved with smart connectivity of flexible inclusive platforms

inclusive approach is very flexible. It allows a set of basic features packed in one product or service to provide an almost unlimited solutions for different audiences. If you think you have seen it all you are wrong. More and more amazing innovations are one their way. Some may be just a small step but some may be real ground breaking.way. Some may be just a small step but some may be real ground breaking.

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